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Fun, interesting game... But I got stuck.

I was on the second level where I had to give each fellow 5 batteries. I gave it to the last one and... it froze. Music kept playing, animations continued, but I had no control over the character and no dialogue or anything came up. Eh. Definitely should have this looked at.


I was a huge fan of the original game. However, this one feel horribly short of what the original created for me... There are three main things that threw me off: the music, the scaling of the screen, and the lack of power-ups.

Firstly, the music was low quality and almost painful to listen to for long periods as you play the game. All that distortion had me focusing so much on this annoying sound going through my head instead of just the game. It's sad since I can remember the music on the original being perfectly fine, or even GOOD.

The screen was way too small. WAY too small. Going back to play the original game, I feel like I have an entire world at my disposal. Here, I have a tiny, tiny window which often times becomes a problem. I have a hard time managing lots of germs, nowhere to maneuver them safely, and FAR too many of them drift off the screen. When the entire point of the level is for me to produce a lot of germs and most of them are being lost due to the screen size, it's not fun at all. In fact it drains my whole experience wholeheartedly. I feel cramped! Fixing this alone would change the game entirely for me and make it a real winner.

Lastly, there is a lack of any power-ups. You can still upgrade in between levels, yes, but during the missions on the original game there were drops of DNA money, bonus upgrades, etc., which were always fun to chase after and to randomly receive. It really helped out sometimes, added a bit of uniqueness to each level since you'd never get the same power ups on the same levels twice. I remember it also being a strategy of mine to purposefully make the level last as long as possible, just to try and find more power-ups. I miss that excitement and reward. So very simple, but you've slashed it completely.

If this game was made by the original author of the first... I almost can't believe it. This feels like a cheap remake. VERY cheap. And I can't help but feel extremely disappointed in all of it.

Sorry to say, but I hope the next game has some more heart put into it.

Another thing that wasn't huge: the spinning red blood cells looked choppy in their animations for me. It may have been just some lag on my part, but it was very annoying to be watching what could be a smooth animation jump around a bit by what looks like shoddy Flash skill.

So, this is a pretty average game. Nothing special.

An interesting effort.

I can't award this starts, nor can I give it a better score than a zero. I have no opportunity to explore this game fully, so I have no way to properly judge it and can only base my opinion on the fractured product you've made.

The un-replayability is unoriginal, so no points.

The left-to-right walking concept, house, work, everything, is unorginal. I've seen a game exactly like this before BUT it was replayable. No points.

I'll throw you a start for catching my interest for a moment at least. The music was fitting and the atmosphere was very heavy.


Great game, and love the map editor feature, but even after beating one of my maps it won't let me export it. Not sure why.

flashygoodness responds:

Have you saved your map after you beat it? PM me if you still have trouble.


Can't get past the menu.

Windows Vista

The rollover works, but I just can't click on anything.

Amazing game; deserves more recognition!

I swear, when I got the final crystal, my heart skipped a beat!

I thought at first I was experiencing a glitch while playing, but as I went on...

Love the game. Creepy and nostalgic all at once. It's Metroid meets Monuments of Mars. Oh, the memories!

Keep up the awesome work! This is now a favorite.


A good, interesting puzzle game that really forces you to think. The simplistic graphics were fine to me, and added to sort of the simple, "lonely" feel of this man's life. However, the game was FAR too short. The story could have been built upon more than you allowed, and while the ending was very interesting to read (I won't spoil it!), I would have preferred if you didn't fully reveal what had happened and more hinted at it in subtle ways through the monologue.

Either way, I like this. 5/5

Good stuff!

I really enjoyed this. However, for some reason it seemed shorter than the first, and a lot less complex. I didn't really have to use my head to figure out how to do anything really. The first was also enjoyable just because it had multiple paths and side quests that weren't required. Still... the art style and unique world it is set in gives it an awesome feeling. I hope with the third you throw together concepts from the previous two and make an even better game!


Educational, but not really providing any challenge after one reading of the rules. Even then any person could probably figure it out once they test it enough.


Unique and well-done animation, good length, and challenging enough to become frustrating - but that makes victory all the sweeter! I love the introduction as well and can tell you put a lot of effort into this. Its simplicity is its beauty!


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