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holy shit

that wasnt too scary but i recorded what was on that tape in the back room and reversed it. It sounds almost freakier forwards...

"Dreams are one example of consciousness...feel the spirits and souls around you all the time...some people are very sensitive...some people aren't at all. You have to really listen..."

It sounds freakier then hell. I dunno if it you ever find out it says that but it does. By the way, did u make that or did u find it off of something? I say again, freakier then hell.

played this b4

Ive played this before. Either u ripped it off or it was on your site. I remember this game... Hmm...

are u supposed to lose?

I cannot beat the final boss. First he did his dash thing back and forth like 30 times in a row. Then he floated, then did it again. Repeat.



whats with the friggen questions? You expect me to watch your movies and find out? You expect me to think YOUR the king of the portal? Actually, im sure as hell you aren't, as well as that damn strawberry, but oh well.

I've seen flashkit and other flash stuff VERY similar to this type of scrolling gameplay.

this is a ripoff

This was one of my favorite games back on those old computers

to the retard who doesnt know how to download this

You copy the link, paste in the Adress Bar...then PRESS ENTER OR THAT LITLE GO BUTTON. God, some people.

It was fricken awesome! I am a fan of the Madness stuff and this game rules. I had to DL cuz the NG ones lags a bit. I love it!


One problem. I was doing good an all, but then I wasnt paying attention, and i happened to scroll the screen so far I couldn't find the picture anymore. You shoud make it so It only scrolls so far.

Loved it

I constantly played the demo one, this is cooler!


I liked it better when you actally SAW the archers in the tower.


This was pretty cool, but would be better if...

1. Sound (Yes, I know you are going to)
2. Better Detailed/More Obstacles
3. Better Detailed Ship
4. Better Legend and Story
5. More powerups

And...I dunno. Its a cool thingy. Can't wait to see final product.

Very Cool!

I like it! It is really cool, though I noticed a few bugs, but that is very understandable since it is still in BETA. I know you will do good. One Bug I noticed a lot was:

The Scorpian "Get over here" thing gets messed up sometimes, and the cord thingy appears to stay there even when the attack is not being done anymore.

Just wanted to point that out if nobody else noticed. Good job, I will LOVE the full version.

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