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My first thoughts, "This reminds me of Cortex Command."

Then, I realize you have some (all?) of the same sound effects, many of the same (sort of) images... Still, like this game. I wish you had been more original. But, Cortex is sweet.


I love the recent update.

I think next you should add sound effects and/or music, but be sure to have an option to mute both.

I notice the game runs better (faster) in larger games with low quality. They quickly become slow and laggy when a lot of ships and movements are happening on the screen in high quality.

Regardless, I think you should add higher quality planets and ships, perhaps multiple ship types. Suggestion: ships that become more powerful as the planet evolves (gaining larger influence), especially when it has a naval base?

Perhaps you could add varying backgrounds that alternate from battle to battle, so you don't see the same thing twice in a row.

Different game types? Perhaps a team game of 2v2. On this note, perhaps even LARGER maps, if it can be supported, and more than 4 players - maybe up to 6 player FFA or 3v3/2v2v2?

Less important to gameplay, but you could improve the look of your menus from their very basic design to something more stylish and exact. This is a secondary interest, however. The game being exciting is fun is most important.


Tom enjoys anything that pokes fun at those Commie bastards.


This is a pretty sweet game. I expected it to be a lot harder because of all your disclaimers, but I did make it up to about level 25.


I love the game. Very interesting, very compelling. I wish it were longer, but I definitely like some of the between-level poem/story whatnot.

Excellent work.

A good idea, with poor execution.

I admire the animation and everything, but the fact that it was all trial-and-error rather than logic or actual puzzle was vastly disappointed.

Awesome game.

I always enjoyed the original Dark Cut, and now with this - better graphics, realism, etc. - it has made the experience that much more enjoyable. I did get a bit confused a few times between the alcohol and the whiskey... Oh well, silly me.

Keep up the good work! I'd love to see a Dark Cut 3! :D



I didn't expect it to be as good as it was, so I'm pretty satisfied with this game. I like the backgrounds, and it was simplistic yet entertaining. Good sound, and original bosses - it would of been awfully repetitive without them.

My biggest suggestion is having "checkpoints", or at least letting you restarting on the same level rather than having to redo the entire game. Maybe even just have lives, so when you die you come back right away, but when you die too much you're done for. I mostly say this because I accidently died JUST as I defeated the second boss. So, when I should be getting full health for the next level, it didn't matter since I was dead. So, that sucked, and I didn't want to have to replay everything.


But 5/5 anyway.

Pretty sweet.

There is a definitely a lot of improvements that could be made on the final product, but that still looks decently promising.

Surprisingly fun.

I was turned off by the graphics at first but... I kind of like this.

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