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Good game.

Currently I am in the top 100. Nifty.

Does the game end at 100,000 or did the #1 person just cheat to get that score? If it does end, why not just have it go on indefinitely?

A suggestion: a score that shows during gameplay.

Another suggestion: a simpler menu. It was confusing me every time I had to go back to that menu when I died, and had to figure out where the "replay" button is because of how odd it is. Nifty, but odd. More often than not I ended up clicking the link to play that other running game.

Reminds me of Meat Boy but dumbed down.


For some reason I was amused that the 2nd Level Graphics bullets were Pkunk from Star Control.

I thought the graphics would have improved more than that at the end, though. Oh well. Good game anyway, 5/5.


The WW2 setting is repainted in a unique, story-driven fashion, breathing new life into an often over-used idea, which makes this great! The very fact that you have the opportunity to play as a German adds a refreshing feel to everything. The music is soft, almost calming, despite the amount of destruction and death taking place - another interesting feeling! The very fact that this is essentially a defense game, and yet is driven by a compelling story, left me wanting to play more and more just to hear what happens next. It was very poetic!


That is the highest quality, low quality game I have ever played. By that I mean, it looked beautiful but played awful. The camera was nifty to be dynamic, but it was more like I was having a seizure most of the time and I had no idea what was going on. It was difficult to aim, enemies often flew around behind objects (and in combination with the bad camera) made it nearly impossible to kill them. I literally started the second level falling to my death off a ledge before I even knew it had started. It wasn't so much "frantic" as it was "downright annoying".

This is definitely good stuff you have here, at least in its potential. I suggest you work on it and make some changes for the better.


Great game! Yet, a few suggestions for future games/versions:

1. Allow the player to choose his or her sex.
2. Fix lag issues (if possible). It gets really slow for me when a lot of zombies and bullets are flying on the screen, even on LOW settings.
3. The black merc's hands are white!
4. Perhaps make the blockades more isometric if possible, like the backgrounds. When I had the bricks set up, it just looks like a flat rectangle rather than actually part of the world.


Another great episode! This one seemed infinitely easier than the other two, though.


There are definitely a few flaws, such as the missing ALT-strafe, somewhat laggy response in turning, and there being no music takes away from the game, but this is still an epic thing you've provided us here on Newgrounds! It was a pleasant surprise to see the cheats work!

This is on my favorites!


If you make a sequel, I think it would be great if you added in similar battle effects like on Advanced Wars, which shows close ups of the units as they fire at each other. I always loved that.


Good game, kind of tough, and out of anything else, one MAJOR problem I had.

When you place a unit, you should be able to see where its range is going to be before you click and choose the direction. Too often I would place it at the wrong spot and not be able to cancel and move it somewhere else. I would be stuck spending all that money to put a relatively useless unit up. Bullshit.

Fix that.

Good game.

This is a good game, fun to play for a while, but it quickly becomes repetitive and boring. There is a point when I get tired of it, switch it onto super speed, and just start throwing an endless wave of troops at the enemy. It's literally impossible to lose this unless you forget you're playing.

5 anyway for good concept and animation. Should have made it more in depth, however. More units, more upgrades, more diversity that requires actual strategy and not just spamming tanks and the like.

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