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Good game, questionable subject, but God bless freedom of speech.

Great game...

... But it started to get boring as soon as I maxed out my bubble. You should continue to work on this, for sure, make an even better version wiith new enemy types, maybe even larger 'battlefield' bubbles in the late game (assuming you can do that) and definitely more upgrades. I was hoping I could get at least a triple small shot as as well as that big one, but oh well. The shield worked nicely at least, but by the end there I was most definitely immortal. Thus the lackluster was lost.

Keep it up though, I love the game.


I liked it, but it could use, like people said, diagonal movement. Also, it seemed too slow paced to me. You pretty much sat there shooting at one thing at a time. If it ever does get faster than that and more tense, then it was far too boring after a few minutes of the same thing to continue on. I like the ... stress ... involved in playing Geometry Wars. Aim for that.


Wasn't as fun as I thought it would be...

Seemed like all I did was press "Go" over and over and check boxes until the entire human race was dead. No real, "Oh snap!" factor, excitement or anything. Good idea though, but I didn't find it as good as I definitely could of been.

Maybe add more of a level of interactivity, some animation.

Holy crap, I beat it.

My brain hurts a little I think, but yeah! I got through all of it!

Only thing I needed to get help on was the anagram. Other puzzles weren't TOO bad. Water was the worst, math just took time to figure out, and the picture logic was very easy. Rocks were easy to catch onto as well.

freeworldgroup responds:

my brain hurt coming up with some of the puzzles.

And for once, I'm honest in giving all tens.

Great stuff, I love it. Tom Fulp pwns.

All else I can say is this: Thank God for Adam Phillips and his pee.


You should call this, "Games for the Attention Defficit".


Nothing amazing. I'll give you a five for the penguins, though. :D


Great game, but I had to cheat to find out that I could hide behind the curtain. As the radio was playing the first time I tried it, I thought it was some kind of cutscene and didn't even know I could click anything. Of all things, how the hell would I know to hide behind a curtain?

Washing you hands, too... sheesh. Could of just been, "Turn on" and it would make more sense.

Make more of these, just get more logical.

Love it.

It's weird... and I may sound crazy...

But it feels so powerful to be a little virus that spreads like wildfire through a human body.

Oh yes...

Anyway, got to atleast level 12 once. Need to play it again. I love it.

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