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2010-04-12 19:43:14 by Neonical

Nothing is new. I was just tired of looking at my old (old) previous entry.

Although, check out the game REDDER.

It's Metroid meets Monuments of Mars meets Psychedelic Mushrooms.

Castle Crashers

2008-09-01 10:05:22 by Neonical

I bought it yesterday. I quite enjoy it.

Actually, I really like it. I was quite impressed on how well it was put together. Having played Alien Hominid, I really didn't think it was that different than the online version. Longer, yes. Perhaps a bit smoother, but nothing to the quality of Castle Crashers. The Behemoth really made a step up, here.

Only bug I've found so far is that, after beating a boss and having to fight one of my comrades in order to see who gets the kiss the princess, we killed each other at the same time. That resulted in us both laying their dead, motionless, with nothing occurring other than the blasting of epic music in the background. We had to go the map to continue. It said we beat the level, but neither of us got the

CC isn't the longest game, by far, but it is very replayable. I beat the normal campaign already with the Red Knight. I got a short distance with the Green Knight already. But I still will have to play with the Blue, Orange, Grey, and now the Skeleton Warrior I unlocked in order to further unlock more goodies and secret characters. Not to mention, I would like to find a good character I can max out and then try fighting some ranked matches in the arena with.

Good game. I recommend you buy it.

Castle Crashers


2008-08-03 20:10:56 by Neonical


I have been playing around in my head for a flash idea called SLUG. You can see it decorating my header and photo. How utterly exciting. Problem is, I suck at Flash (as made apparent, frighteningly, by my old flash movies). I have indeed improved since those dark times, but I still don't have the skill (nay, the patience?) to sit and make a movie.

So, fuck you.